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Swing Simple is said to be one of the easiest golf instruction videos to understand on the market. This dvd covers the correct positions in the full swing. Scott Barrett makes learning the proper full swing positions easy and fun. Learn how many of today's top tour players and top amateurs are swinging the golf club. The Swing Simple videos are said to be some of the most effective golf instruction videos on the market.  Swing Simple is also offered in book form.

Golf as a Beginner is a great video for the beginning golfer, it covers many modern swing fundamentals without getting over complicated. Scott keeps the instruction easy to understand for any beginning golfer no matter the age. Scott gives you a great drill that is easy to do and very effective in developing your golf swing. You get important information on what to look for when buying a set of golf clubs to fit you and your golf game. It covers putting fundamentals, stance, stroke and what to look for when buying a putter. It covers the basic fundamentals for chipping, pitching and how to hit sand shots. Scott Barrett goes over how to warm up before you play and what to do as a beginner when start playing on the golf course. 

Swing Simple Short Game goes into detailed instruction on how to putt, chip, pitch and hit different kinds of sand shots. The instruction is illustrated very clearly and is said to be one of the easiest golf instruction dvd’s to understand on the market. The instruction is straight to the point and does get noticeable results for the students. No gimmicks or false promises like some golf dvd’s these days .Learn how many of today's top tour players and top amateurs are putting, chipping and pitching. 

Course Management golf DVD. Shave strokes off your golf score by learning good Course Management skills. Scott Barrett makes learning course management interesting and fun. Making good course management decisions is one of the quickest ways to lower your golf score. *Learn how to calculate the correct yardage to the pin by allowing for green elevation and wind conditions. *Learn what yardages you need on a hole to play it in an aggressive or conservative manner. *See why shorter hitting men and women may have to play the hole differently than a longer hitting player. *Learn how to play many of the trouble shots you may be faced with during a round of golf.
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