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Scott Barrett and Bow Productions Golf  Instruction dvd's and videos
Scott Barrett is a lifetime student of the game of golf, he started out as a young man caddying on
the PGA and LPGA golf tours. Later Scott became a good golfer himself playing national amateur
events and eventually some professional mini tour competitions.
Bow Productions and Scott Barrett have produced several golf videos that are easy to understand and get real results. Currently there are four videos on the market, Swing Simple, Golf as a Beginner, Swing Simple Short Game and Swing Simple Course Management
These movies have sold thousands of copies around the world helping golfers of all skill levels
and ages develop a better golf game. Many golfers enjoy the game of golf much more after leaning
some of the basic fundamentals. 
These four videos are available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download. Currently they can be
purchased on Amazon, Amazon Prime, E-Bay and other websites.
                  Swing Simple     Golf as a Beginner    Short Game      Course Management                         Amazon Prime Video

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